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This equipment allows you to perform hidroteraphy on the  colon throught  a digital measurement and control of all of its variations, as its temperature, water flow and presure. This equipment alson includes a temporizer to control the time the teraphy takes.


  • Electronic controller of temperature.
  • Easy setup of the temperature by stages. Cold, room  tempera ture, warm, hot at one touch. As well as  allowing  you to
  • Transition from warm water to cold by the touch of single
  • Digital meter for temperature and pressure of the water outlet
  • Visual and sound alarm for temperatures greater than 40 degrees Celsius.
  • Visual and sound alarm for pressures greater than 130 mbares
  • Security system by electro valve for temperature greater than 41 degrees  and pressures than 150 mbares.
    Incorporated Ozonizer for water purification.
  • Integrated system of water treatment of water by magnetic fields of 100 Gauss.
  • Chronometer for the duration of each therapy.
  • Multicolor visualizer for the waste disposals of the colon therapy.
  • EQUIPMENT MEASUREMENTS: Weight: 3 kg, Height: 38 Cm, Width: 29 Cm, depth: 19 Cm.
  • Operative voltage: 110 VAC/60 Hz or 220VAC/50Hz. Max voltage of 25 A. – 10A, according to the operation voltage.
  • One year warranty on manufacturing defects


• For hospitals, clinics, alternative medicine centers, in general for health professionals who are specialized on hydrotherapy of the colon.

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